About me

40 years ago, the Degree Course in Food Preparation Sciences at the University of Milan sparked my passion for food technologies. And choosing to work for b2b in the technical-commercial field will immediately polarize my entire professional career.
First ingredients and technological adjuvants have consolidated my academic skills of industrial manufacturing processes. Then I moved decisively to deal with the plants, the highly technological systems and the “turn key” engineering solutions, the food processing chains will become my sector of choice.
Not only the meat sector, for Handtmann, Gea and Marel, of which I managed the commercial and operational branches in Italy, which covered the last 20 years of my working excursus, but also the pasta and extrusion sector with Buhler, the confectionery with Sacmi and dairy (ice cream) with Gram are the sectors in which I have gained significant experience, both in Italy and abroad.
The technical competence, the understanding of different cultures, mentalities, habits – in addition to Europe, frequently and extensively in Latin America and Africa – with patience, determination, pragmatism and negotiating skills have allowed me to succeed, with craft and ease in all the complex negotiations, even if not in the mother tongue, for any amount and in a large part of the world, which I had the pleasure of managing.

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